Startup U.S. automaker Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus beats Ford in Baja 1000

One retro ride beats another

The second time was not the charm for the Ford Bronco R race truck.

(Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus)

The Bronco finished second in class to the SCG Boot from Connecticut-based Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus a year after failing to finish the race due to a mechanical issue its first time out. Meanwhile, it was the Boot's second-straight win in the grueling event.

The boutique automaker builds street-legal versions of its high-end race cars and recently added the Chevy-powered 4x4 to its lineup. The odd-looking off-roader is inspired by the Hurst Baja Boot raced by actor Steve McQueen in the late 1960s, which company founder James Glickenhaus purchased at auction in 2010.

The Boot beat the Bronco in Class 2 by over five hours in the 1000-mile race and finished in 42nd place overall ahead of the Ford in 70th.

Glickenhouse operates under the auspices of the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act, although its final regulations have not yet been put into effect. The program allows companies to build up to 325 historic replica cars annually without having to meet all current safety standards.

(Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus)

The Boot is priced slightly higher than the production Bronco that goes on sale next June, to say the least. Prices for the Boot start at $258,750 for a two-door and $287,500 for a four-door 460 hp model, while a two-door Bronco’s base price is $29,995 and a four-door's $34,695.