Hannity blasts 'media mob' for ignoring 'serious claims' of voting irregularities

'We will do the work that the so-called journalists ... refuse to do,' proclaims Fox News host

Sean Hannity ripped the mainstream media in his opening monologue Tuesday as they continued to ignore what he described as "serious claims" of voting irregularities across the U.S. 

To date, neither courts nor state and local election officials have found evidence of widespread voter fraud sufficient to overturn the results of the presidential election, but there have been several state-level hearings where Americans have testified to what they allege to have seen.

"The mob is ignoring what witnesses, or maybe want to call them whistleblowers are saying," said the "Hannity" host. "So once again, we will do the work that the so-called journalists, although journalism is dead in the media mob, refuse to do."

Last week, Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania held a marathon hearing with witnesses alleging a gamut of questionable behavior from poll workers. A retired Naval officer and data scientist named Greg Stenstrom testified during that hearing to the disappearance of several USB cards while watching canvassing operations and claimed several hundred thousand votes tabulated in a Chester, Pa., facility should be questioned.


Similar hearings have been held before state legislators in Arizona and Michigan.

"Now to the mob, the media, witness testimony in court would be something called evidence," Hannity said. "You have kept asking, 'Where is the evidence?' Well, pay attention, we will educate you tonight. In some jurisdictions, if a witness to a murder is on the stand in a murder trial case and offers credible testimony, well, that jury can convict based on that eyewitness testimony alone.

"But you're not going to hear any of these serious claims from American citizens, one after another, on any of the other networks and the media mob, The New York Toilet-Paper-Times or The Washington Com-Post."

The host added: "This program, as we told you, we have always been, we will remain independent. We always forge our own path. We always go our own way. We are not the Democratic Party operatives like pretty much everyone else in the partisan press."


Hannity then contrasted the treatment of the election corruption allegations by the mainstream media with that of the whistleblower whose report of Trump's phone call with Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelensky led to the president's impeachment. 

"They tried to remove a sitting president from office based on speculation from somebody that they told us we should love and admire as courageous and amazing, somebody that was not a whistleblower, but a hearsay whistleblower," he said.

"The mob, the media, the Democratic Party, they lavished this one non-whistleblower whistleblower with never-ending praise, exalted the hearsay whistleblower for their bravery and patriotism. Although [they] kept the anonymity of this person, they demanded all Americans pay homeage to the heroic actions ... You might remember."