Candace Owens: Democrats want Black Americans dependent on government policies

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MARIA BARTIROMO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  Welcome, and good Sunday morning, everyone. Welcome to "Sunday Morning Futures." I'm Maria Bartiromo. 

The kickoff to a consequential week and month.

First, President Trump officially nominating 48-year-old Amy Coney Barrett to fill the late Ruth BaderGinsburg's seat on the Supreme Court, potentially athird SCOTUS appointment for President Trump inthree-and-a- half years. 


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES:  Amy Coney Barrett will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution as written. 

As Amy has said, being a judge takes courage. You're not there to decide cases as you may prefer. You are there to do your duty and to follow the law wherever it may take you. That is exactly what Judge Barrett will do on the U.S. Supreme Court. 


BARTIROMO:  Coming up: new GOP plans toconfirm Amy Coney Barrett, a mother of seven and judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, tobecome the fifth woman in U.S. history to serve onthe high court.

And the man who will preside over her confirmation, Senator Lindsey Graham, as he is also ready toconfront former FBI Director Jim Comey in a public testimony this upcoming Wednesday in front of theSenate Judiciary Committee. He's here coming up.

As we look ahead to the first presidential debate this Tuesday night right here on FOX News and FOX Business, as the president faces off against Joe Biden for the first time, with just 37 days left until Election Day, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is here with the state of play and how he plans to take back control of the House and become the next speaker of the House.

And another bombshell declassified FBI interview once again putting President Obama's team at thecenter of the plot to take down President Trump. New revelations that the author of the dossier was, in fact, a Russian spy, who was, in fact, being investigated by the FBI, information the FBI once again did not tell the FISA court when efforting awarrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Coming up, Senator Ron Johnson is here on his committee's blockbuster report exposing Hunter Biden accepting millions of dollars from foreign governments, while his father was a sitting vice president.

And President Trump makes his case to black America. Candace Owens reacting to the president's second-term promises to black voters. She will also react to Michael Bloomberg's moves in Florida. 

All that right here, right now, as we look ahead on"Sunday Morning Futures." 

But, first, this breaking news and my take.

It is unlikely that we will get a John Durham interim report OR any indictments before the election, now just 37 days away.

A debate has begun within the Department of Justice as the timing of John Durham's criminal investigation conclusions. I'm being told by sources it is now too close to the election and could be viewed as politically motivated. 

However, I can confirm Durham's investigation is significant and it is expanding, reports Friday that Durham has expanded the scope of his investigation to include the Clinton Foundation donations while Clinton was sitting secretary of state. 

The same group, remember, at the FBI was leading these two investigations. 
It was led by former FBI agent Peter Strzok. He was overseeing both investigations, one into the Clinton use of an unsecure server, and one into Donald Trump's alleged collusion. 

They were treated extremely differently, even though there was no evidence found of wrongdoing for Trump and gross negligence found in Clinton's handling of her unsecured server.

Again, I believe, based on my conversations with sources, it is unlikely you will hear any conclusions by John Durham by November 3. 

I asked A.G. Barr about the timing of this investigation earlier this year. 


WILLIAM BARR, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL:  So, that has been surprising to me, that people aren't concerned about civil liberties and the integrity of our governmental process. 

In terms of the future of Durham's investigation, you know, he's pressing ahead as hard as he can. And I expect that we will have some developments hopefully before the end of this summer.

But, as I have said, his investigation will continue. It's not going to stop because of the election. What happens after the election may depend on who wins the election. 


BARTIROMO:  Joining me right now to discuss this and the upcoming Supreme Court vote is thechairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham. 

Mr. Chairman it's always a pleasure. Thanks for being here. 

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC):  Thank you. Thank you. 

BARTIROMO:  So, first, before we get to theSupreme Court and your proceedings...

GRAHAM:  Right. 

BARTIROMO:  ... your reaction to the breaking news this morning that I have reported from my sources that we will not hear anything from John Durham before November 3 and the election?

GRAHAM:  Well, I don't know. I have never talked toMr. Durham. 

I think he's a very capable, fair-minded prosecutor. But every time you look under one rock, you find something new. We have found in the last two or three days that the Russian subsource was actually suspected by the FBI of being a Russian spy all theway back to 2009. 

They never told the FISA court that. I will be shocked if nobody's charged with a crime at the FBI, theDepartment of Justice for misleading the FISA court. The FISA application given to the FISA courtcompletely misrepresented the subsource, who he was and what he said.

And all of exculpatory information collected was never given to the court. 
That's a breach of duty by the DOJ and the FBI tothe court. So I will be shocked if nobody is not charged with some kind of crime in defrauding thecourt. But that's up to Mr. Durham. 

BARTIROMO:  All right, I want to get back to this. 

I want to ask you about your upcoming testimony you're going to be getting from James Comey onWednesday and also what else is in the books.

GRAHAM:  Yes. 

BARTIROMO:  But let me first ask you about AmyConey Barrett. 


BARTIROMO:  What is your timeline, sir, in terms of the next moves, a confirmation process? What goes through the Supreme Court nomination? 

GRAHAM:  So, we will start on October the 12th. And more than half of the Supreme Court justices who have had hearings were done within 16 days or less. So, we will start on the 12th of October.

We will have a day of introduction. We will have two days of questioning, Tuesday and Wednesday, and, on the 15th, we will begin the markup. We will hold it over for a week, and we will report her nomination out of the committee on October 22.

Then it will be up to Senator McConnell as to what to do with the nomination once it comes out of committee. 

BARTIROMO:  So, McConnell has to schedule a floor vote, then, in order to actually get the confirmation before the election? 

GRAHAM:  Yes, but I will give him the nomination through the committee. We will have a full, fair hearing.

And let me say this. Democrats try to destroy Judge Barrett at their own peril. Their base is going nuts. They have raised $300 million -- ActBlue has -- since the passing of Justice Ginsburg. 

I'm being outraised 2-1. Every Republican running inthe Senate is being hit hard with all of this money coming from ActBlue. So, if you want to help me, five or 10 bucks goes a long way.

But the money shows the energy. And every Democratic senator is going to be under tremendous pressure to destroy Judge Barrett. And they do so at their own peril. I think the American people will not tolerate this fine nominee to be mistreated like Justice Kavanaugh was. 

BARTIROMO:  So, that's what I was going to say. Are you expecting the kind of fight that we saw over Judge Kavanaugh? 

GRAHAM:  I don't know.

BARTIROMO:  I remember Senator -- then Senator Kamala Harris was among those poking back, yes, at Brett Kavanaugh. 

GRAHAM:  Yes. 

So, Maria, the pressure on these people on theDemocratic side is enormous. 
Look at what they're saying about President Trump. Look at what they're saying about Judge Barrett. She's an incredibly capable, well-qualified judicial nominee, somebody you would expect theRepublicans to nominate to the court.

The storylines about her religion are already starting. The one thing I can tell every American, we have a constitutional provision that prevents your religious choice being used against you if you're nominated to the Supreme Court or any other position in the government. And that's a good thing.

So, I don't know where it's going to go. But I know the amount of money coming in since the death of Justice Ginsburg tells me there's a lot of energy and there to take out Judge Barrett.

Help me and others, hate to keep saying that, but just
-- the money is just overwhelming. 

The bottom line here is, they're under a tremendous amount of pressure.

But, after Kavanaugh -- let me say this.


GRAHAM:  After Kavanaugh, they try to destroy Judge Barrett at their own peril. 

BARTIROMO:  All right, let me move on to your upcoming testimony that you're going to get from Jim Comey. You're going to hear from Comey in apublic hearing on Wednesday. 

Look, I have got to ask you right out, Senator. Is this -- I mean, look, he can just, in a public hearing, say:  I can't talk about that. That's confidential. That's classified.


GRAHAM:  Yes. 

BARTIROMO:  So, sometimes, I look at public hearings and say, this just a sham. 

Is it? Are you really going to solicit information from Jim Comey Wednesday? 

GRAHAM:  Yes. 

Well, he can't say that something is classified when it's been declassified. 

The information we received from Barr and Christopher Wray -- and Attorney General Barr and Director Wray have been very helpful to me to get information out of the system. Durham had the firstlook at the fact that the primary subsource was suspected by the FBI of being a Russian agent. 

Yes, I'm going to ask Jim Comey, did you know that the man who put the dossier together forChristopher Steele was a suspected Russian spy onthe payroll of the Democratic Party? If you knew that, why didn't you tell the court? Did you know that the Russian subsource was interviewed by your own agents in January and March of 2017, and he disavowed the dossier as being reliable bar talk and hearsay? 

And, if you knew that, why didn't you tell the court? Because, in April of
2017 you signed a warrant where none of this was inthere. 

I'm going to ask him that. And I don't know. There's nothing classified about that. That's in the Horowitz report. 

BARTIROMO:  There's also breaking news in terms of who else you got to agree to come speak with you. 

GRAHAM:  Right. 

BARTIROMO:  Tell me who else you're expecting. 

GRAHAM:  The number two, McCabe, is coming onOctober the 6th. I'm very glad he is. 

I'm negotiating with Strzok. I want to bring in Mr. Barnett, the man who said there was no there there in the Flynn case. Mr. Barnett was the agent incharge in investigating General Flynn for any suspected ties to Russia. 

On January the 4th, he did a memo wanting to close out the case, saying they found no evidence that General Flynn was working with the Russians in any fashion. It was January 5, meeting in the White House, where they kept the case going.

And what did Mr. Barnett say? That it seems to me they were out to get Trump, that there was no there there. They kept pushing the Flynn case, in spite of the evidence.

What's the pattern here? Every time there was exculpatory evidence regarding the Carter Page warrant, they hid it or they altered it. They never told the court that the dossier wasn't reliable. They knew it wasn't reliable. They kept using it. 

They weren't searching for the truth. They were trying to get an outcome. 
When you look at what Mr. Barnett says, and theway they defrauded the FISA court, you get a clearer picture that these people are on a mission to go after Trump, not to find the truth. 

I think it's clear as day. And the mainstream media is ignoring this. Can you imagine if the shoe were onthe other foot, that if the Republicans had done this?


GRAHAM:  So, Maria, there's a day of reckoning coming. Just stay tuned.

And there's more coming.


GRAHAM:  There's a -- there's something else coming, more damming than this, believe it or not. 

BARTIROMO:  So, you are awaiting for a further declassification of evidence this upcoming week that is in fact more damming than what we're talking about this morning? 

GRAHAM:  Well, all I can say is that there's -- so, what have we learned?

Everything Russia-Trump was looked at. You had $25 million, 60 agents. You had subpoenas. You had people's lives turned upside down. The question is, did they look at Russia coming after Trump? 

We have got a Russian spy on the payroll of theDemocratic Party putting together a document that details the FBI is not reliable, and the FBI uses it four times to get a warrant against an American citizen, amember of the Trump team. 

What accounts for that? There's got to be -- it's clear to anybody who is looking they were -- they wouldn't take no for an answer when it came toTrump. They were out to get the man. 

BARTIROMO:  All right, so you are questioning whether or not the Mueller investigation was appropriate as well. 

You are also looking at the fraud against the FISA court...

GRAHAM:  Yes. 

BARTIROMO:  ... perhaps even worse than we know. 

GRAHAM:  Yes. 

BARTIROMO:  And you say that the Flynn case is also questionable, based on what we know today.

Even though we are likely not getting anything from John Durham before Election Day, you believe you will have more declassifications to educate thepublic on what went down in 2016, Senator? 

GRAHAM:  Yes, stay tuned.

So, there's three buckets here. Was there any legitimate reason for Mueller to be investigating theTrump team for a crime regarding Russia? In 2017, there was no evidence that anybody on the Trumpcampaign was working with the Russians. 


GRAHAM:  The FISA abuse is another lane that we're all looking at. 

The court was misled, lied to. The FBI lied its ass off to the FISA court. 
I hope somebody goes to jail and gets fired.

And the third bucket is the Flynn case. They screwed General Flynn.


GRAHAM:  There was no there there. And the top leadership of DOJ and the FBI kept pushing.

And now you have got an agent in -- Barnett, incharge of the case, a front-line agent...

BARTIROMO:  All right, Senator.

GRAHAM:  ... saying this was wrong. 

BARTIROMO:  Thank you. Thank you so much Senator, Senator Lindsey Graham.

Got a lot on your plate. And we will be there watching. Thank you, sir. We will see you soon.

Next up, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy with the state of play.

Back in a moment.


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back. 

Well, there may be just 37 days until November 3 and the election, but the election has already started, with early in-person voting already open innine states and absentee ballots being accepted in28 states. 

The race is not just for the president, of course. TheRepublicans are also battling to hold on to theSenate and win back the House of Representatives.

GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy joins me now with his plans to do just that.

Congressman, it's great to see you this morning. Thank you so much for being here. 

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA):  Thank you forhaving me back, Maria. 

BARTIROMO:  I want to get to 2020 in a moment.

But, first, Congressman, give us your reaction to thepresident's SCOTUS pick. I saw some of your comments on Twitter. Want to hear your reaction straight away. 

MCCARTHY:  Well, I think it's a fabulous pick.

And it's not just Republicans who know this is agood pick. Look at this, Maria. Even those who are Democrats, who may disagree with her on her philosophical beliefs personally, Noah Feldman, thekey Democrat witness that Nadler brought in forimpeachment, has even written in Bloomberg that she is so highly qualified and deserves to serve onthe court.

And that's really the only question you have before her. Will she uphold the Constitution? Will she understand the constitution? Republicans and Democrats alike Democrats know that is true.

And what the Democrats are doing, trying to frame her on her faith, they are just frightened about her brilliant mind. 

There's something much different about this as well. Just as Ruth Bader Ginsburg shattered those ceilings and inspired young women, she is doing the same. 


MCCARTHY:  I watched my own daughter yesterday watching her, not even just as a brilliant mind, but as a mother and others, and just thought in her mind, she could do anything. 

That is inspiring, as a nation, for all of us. 

BARTIROMO:  Yes, it is. 

What about the vacancy and what it does in terms of the stakes this Election Day, Congressman? You want to talk a bit about what you believe is at stake? I mean, what if this election is contested, forexample?

MCCARTHY:  Well, I think is bigger than...

BARTIROMO:  You will need a ninth voice, right? You will need a ninth voice if this election is contested. 

MCCARTHY:  You need that.

And we have watched that many times before. And I think everybody in this country knows it is adifferent situation. You have so many states who are now using mail-in ballots who are not prepared forit. We watched the horrific job that New York had done, where they disqualified people.

We're now watching that. We're seeing ballots that had voted for President Trump thrown aside by acontractor. How many other times will that happen? 

BARTIROMO:  That's right. 

MCCARTHY:  They're not prepared for it.

And that could make a real problem. So, we need acourt that is filled, all nine seats, for not just an election, but also anything going forward, that they have a separate branch of government that they can make a decision. 

BARTIROMO:  Well, this is a really important point that you're making in terms of what's going on with the fairness of this election. 

Seeing ballots that voted for President Trump in thegarbage pale really raise the stakes here to what could be possible and what could be done in terms of cheating. 

So, I want to take a break. I want to ask you your plans to ensure that we will get a fair election, Congressman, because this is something that everybody is talking about.

I will also get your take on Michael Bloomberg's $100 million investment to help Biden win Florida. It includes raising money to allow ex-felons there tovote.

Stay with us.

Kevin McCarthy is here this morning. 

We will take a short break and come right back. 


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back. 

Florida could be the real clincher this November, with 29 electoral votes up for grabs, and thecandidates currently running neck and neck in thepolls. 

That is why billionaire Michael Bloomberg is willing to do whatever it takes to help Joe Biden win inFlorida. That includes his pledging $16 million topay off court fees for thousands of ex-felons, so that they're eligible to vote for Joe Biden. 

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz joined me on"Mornings With Maria" this week to explain. 


REP. MATT GAETZ (R-FL):  We have a confession document.

The memo that the Bloomberg team used to go and get other people to contribute to this effort literally says, we are doing this to impact whether or not these people vote. 

And it's not for any felon. It's not for any circumstance. They're specifically targeting African-Americans because they believe, in Florida, African-Americans will vote 90 to 95 percent for Joe Biden. So, this isn't an exercise in democracy. This is cherry-picking votes. 


BARTIROMO:  And I am back with GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy.

And, Congressman, what about that? Gaetz and Florida's attorney general now calling for a criminal investigation into this. Does this constitute election bribery? What is the GOP going to do about this? 

MCCARTHY:  Well, it does look that way.

And this isn't the first time Bloomberg has done these activities. Remember what he did in the last congressional races, spending more than $110 million. Now he's spending $100 million just inFlorida, but also trying to buy people's votes. 

I want to make sure every vote counts. We, as anation, have a right to make sure we have a fair and accurate election, but it's really concerning to me these activities.

And look in California. Our secretary of state just made a contract when it came to voting with acompany that is working for Joe Biden's campaign. 
This is atrocious, that they are continuing to do this. 

And that is why the Republicans have put out aCommitment to America. You should have a right toknow, what would we do if we were to win this election? We want to restore our way of life, defeat this virus, and more, importantly, at the same time, build a safe and effective vaccine, and protect preexisting conditions.

But what about our streets that we have watched inthese Democrat cities? 
We want to make sure they are safe and secure. So we don't cut police funding. We actually increase it by $1.75 billion for better training, community policing, and 500,000 new body cameras. 

But we also have a plan for the economy, to have 10 million new jobs. This is the difference to what theDemocrats are doing about defunding and dismantling. We warned you about this many times on your own show, that they are for impeachment. 


MCCARTHY:  They are continually obsessed by this, because their ideas and this majority of theDemocrats is obsolete. They do not allow any new young people and new ideas into their party. 

BARTIROMO:  But, Congressman, you just said impeachment. 

Nancy Pelosi is talking about it again. TheDemocrats are threatening to break all constitutional norms and standards. The president, they want to impeach the president. They want topack the court with Democrats, the Supreme Court. 

Adam Schiff is even calling for mass defections from the Trump administration. So, what are you doing tofight this?

Because I know that Joe Biden has 600 lawyers. Hillary Clinton already said, under no circumstance should Joe Biden concede this election. 

Do you have that kind of legal strength on your team? Does the president -- is the president ready for a fight? Or does he need a landslide in order tomake people understand that he did, in fact, win fairly?

MCCARTHY:  Well, we have a team behind us.

But what we really need is the American public. We have a legal team there. But we need people to make sure your vote counts. 

If you get a ballot in the mail, vote it, and send it in, but follow it online to make sure your vote counts and it gets there. If, for some reason, it does not, follow up with the elections office. Go to theelection on Election Day as well to make sure your vote counts. 

Secondly, we need to have -- we don't have Michael Bloomberg. So, that's why I tell -- join with us. The best thing we could do is retire Nancy Pelosi. 

And I make this promise to you and to the American public. 

BARTIROMO:  Congressman -- yes.

MCCARTHY:  If Nancy Pelosi moves to impeach this president because he's following the Constitution, I will move to vacate her from the chair of thespeakership. 

BARTIROMO:  Congressman, let me ask you.

The president, as part of his outlook for a second term, said that he's going to be encouraging term limits. Now, in my exclusive interview with thepresident for my book, which is coming out next month, I said to him:  
Mr. President what have you learned in your firstterm?

He said:  What I learned is that there's deep corruption in government, and there are certain people that are protected. 

That interview is in this book coming up. Let me ask you about that. 

Would you encourage term limits, because, according to the president, there are people protected? And that's because people are in this government for tens and twenties, years, 47 years, Joe Biden?

MCCARTHY:  Yes, when Joe Biden first came to theSenate, he's been there so long, he served with people who were born in the 1800s.

Our very best term limit is, let's not let them sit inoffice 12 years. 
Let's remove them if they're bad. I'm very supportive of more competitive seats to remove people. But you got Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and Clyburn all sitting there for more than 30 years. This is a real problem with what we have.

And that's why this president, President Trump, not only needs to be reelected. He needs a Congress that will work for this country, not just work against them. They want to pack the courts. They want tomake Washington, D.C., a state, so they could try towin the Senate. 

They are trying to dismantle this nation, and destroy it by raising taxes. 
That's why we need people to join with us today.

And I have got to tell you, I'm going to preorder that book now, "The Cost," because I know...


MCCARTHY:  ... what you have been saying on your show for so many times. 
You were the first that told us about this coup. And now we're learning more every single day. 

This is an election not about Republican vs. Democrat. This is about freedom vs. socialism. 


MCCARTHY:  Even President Obama said there is no difference between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. And think of this.


MCCARTHY:  For the last 14 days, seven of those 14, Joe Biden has called a lid in the morning. 

I'm not sure about what's going on with him, but it concerns me, because I have watched our current president be able to go to three different states inone day... 


MCCARTHY:  ... name a Supreme Court justice, have peace in the Middle East even closer, all within one or two days.

And Joe Biden can't even decide whether he can talk to the American people or the press? That is not somebody who could withstand the office of thepresidency and make the decisions we need.

BARTIROMO:  All right, Congressman. 

MCCARTHY:  But we also need a Congress...


MCCARTHY:  ... that could actually work with this president. 

Thank you very much, Maria. 

BARTIROMO:  All right, great -- great to have you this morning.

Congressman, thank you so much, Congressman Kevin McCarthy joining us.

We will see you soon, sir. 

Straight ahead:  Senator Ron Johnson is here todiscuss this explosive new report on the Biden family and corruption, why he believes it should immediately disqualify Joe Biden from running forpresident.

We're looking ahead this morning on "Sunday Morning Futures."

Stay with us. 


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back. 

The closer the election gets, the harder thebombshells fall, the latest one dropping on former Vice President Joe Biden, in the form of an explosive new Senate report detailing his son Hunter's questionable behavior, including concerns of bribery, extortion, even payments to women who -- quote -- "appear to be linked to an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring."

Senate Homeland Security Chairman Ron Johnson has spearheaded the GOP investigation, along with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

And he joins me now.

Senator, it's good to see you this morning. Thanks very much for being here. 

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI):  Good morning, Maria. 

BARTIROMO:  Your committee released this document this week. 

Walk us through the most stunning parts of what we need to understand about this document, Senator. 

JOHNSON:  Well, let's just start with Ukraine.

We found that Hunter and his partner Devon, their businesses raked in about
$4.2 million -- that's about $140,000 a month, almost $1.7 million per year
-- for being on this board. 

We also found out, through George Kent, that a $7 million bribe was paid to the prosecutor general's office seven months after Hunter and Devon joined the board. And, of course, Hunter was put on theboard supposedly for corporate governance and transparency.

We also found out that the national dealings extended way beyond Ukraine, for example, a $3.5 million payment made to Hunter Biden's businesses by the former wife of the now deceased mayor of Moscow. She's a billionaire. 
That's why we believe that she got her billions through corrupt practices when her husband was the mayor.

And then, of course, all of the business associates -- associations that Hunter Biden, the millions in cash flow between China and Chinese nationals that had connections to the Communist Party and thePeople's Liberation Army.

And what -- Maria, what is most frustrating is, thepress has basically just dismissed it, saying, oh, there's nothing new here, nothing illegal. 

First of all, it's not my job in Congress to prove illegality or to prosecute. We're here to expose information that should be incredibly troubling tothe American public, and yet the press just kind of shrugs and moves on. 

BARTIROMO:  Right. Well, they have obviously chosen a side on this. 

Now, I want to show -- run an interview with Joe Biden, because he was asked about this on ABC News. And we want to run it for you, because I want to get your reaction of how he addressed it. Watch this. 


QUESTION:  What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money? 

JOSEPH BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  I don't know what he was doing. 
I know he was on the board. I found out he was onthe board after he was on the board. And that was it. And there's nobody...


QUESTION:  We don't have a lot of time. Isn't this something you want to get to the bottom of? 

BIDEN:  No, because I trust my son. 


BARTIROMO:  Your reaction, Senator? 

This is, of course, "Axios on HBO," an interview which ran December 19. 

JOHNSON:  Well, I hate to say it, but Joe Biden is lying to the American public. 

When he said in the tail end of 2019 that he never spoke to his son about his overseas business dealings, that was a lie. We know in testimony now from Amos Hochstein, who is the only people of we know of that actually spoke directly to the vice president about this glaring conflict of interests, thevice president then talked to Hunter, who then set up a meeting with Amos Hochstein to talk about this very subject. 

We know that Hunter took a multihour plane trip over to China with his father, had a separate agenda, but, during that trip, then arranged for a handshake between one of his business partners, Jonathan Lee, and the vice president. What was all that about?

So I have never believed that the vice presidentnever talked to his son Hunter. He's still lying to theAmerican public. And the mainstream media has toask far tougher questions.

BARTIROMO:  Yes, we have a graphic here of all of the international transactions that you were able touncover, Senator.

And you mentioned the $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. You mentioned opened a bank account with a Chinese national, $100,000 global spending spree with James and Sara Biden, and then paid a non-residential woman who appeared to be linked to an Eastern European prostitution ring, human trafficking ring.

It's pretty extraordinary, what you have come up with. But where will the accountability be? I mean, you just mentioned that the press is not making anything of it. 

I want to go through this interview with William Barnett as well. This also was declassified this week. I have got the declassifications right here in front of me.

What struck you from this interview with Mr. Barnett, an FBI agent?

JOHNSON:  Yes, primarily when he said that the -- the special counsel office was completely upside down.

They already they wanted to get Trump. They already knew their theory of the case. And rather than have the evidence really guide theinvestigation, they basically just knew the evidence was there and it was just a matter of finding it. So, they had already come to their preconceived conclusion of this thing. 

And, Maria, if what you're reporting is correct, it is incredibly disappointing that John Durham is not going to be reporting. 

There would be nothing -- what's political is if he doesn't report. We have had the deep -- and I will call it the deep state, through these other investigations, prevent the American public from knowing what happened with the FBI's corruption of their investigation, the corruption of the transition process, for about three-and-a-half years. 

We have been prevented from getting documents because John Durham doesn't want us to in any way, shape, or form affect his prosecution.

So, the bottom line, that means the American people might go to the polls with not -- without knowing the full extent and all the detail of all thecorruption, again, of that FBI investigation, and thecorruption of the transition process. 

BARTIROMO:  Yes, it's a very good point.

JOHNSON:  I think John Durham, if he's not going to-- if he's not going to prevent -- present indictments, Attorney General Barr has to make available to the American public what they have already found out, or, at a minimum, prevent -- provide those documents to people like me that have -- these things are under subpoena. 

John Ratcliffe has to declassify this information, so that we can make it public to the American public before the election. The political nature is if we don't provide that information. 

BARTIROMO:  Well, there will be more declassifications, as far as I'm hearing, that there will be more declassifications potentially this week, that could be very important and telling for theAmerican people.

But I agree with you. I have spent a lot of time, three-plus years, on this investigation and tried toseek out truth. I agree, the American people have aright to understand what took place here before they go to the polls. It's very disheartening that now what I'm hearing...

JOHNSON:  So, Maria -- Maria...

BARTIROMO:  ... is that there will be no John Durham interim report, no indictments before theelection. 

JOHNSON:  So, let me disagree a little bit with Chairman Graham, when he said he's very pleased with the production out of the FBI. 

I am not. Let me just give you one example. Here is a document we got from the General Services Administration. You can see that it's an e-mail, and all -- everything is presented, except for, at the very bottom, they redacted the mobile phone number of the person writing the e-mail.

Here is the exact same e-mail we got from the FBI. You see something different here? Everything is redacted. And that -- we are supposed to get thousands of pages from our -- I had to finally subpoena the FBI. 

They are on their second extension. Everything is due by I think the 30th of September. And that's thekind of information we get. It's non- information. 

We have to fight over redacting the same documents that we get from other agencies. So I am not happy at all with the document production we have gotten out of Director Wray and the FBI, not even close. 

BARTIROMO:  You know what? 

I'm really glad you put up those documents, because this is something that I have heard from day one, for three-plus years. When Ratcliffe was inCongress, Nunes in Congress, yourself in the Senate, you have been demanding documents to ensure that you understood what took place.

And they will not get you the documents. They sit on documents and make it incredibly hard for you to prove the point that you know is to be -- is true, and that is that it was a sham investigation into President Trump, and there's a ton of wrongdoing here. 

Do you think you're going to get the documents? I mean, is this Christopher Wray? Why is Christopher Wray still in charge of the FBI, when he's overseeing these agents sitting on things? 

JOHNSON:  His job should be to restore thecredibility and integrity of the FBI. And the only way you do that is through exposure.

But the other point I have to make, Maria, when we finally do get these classified sections redacted -- or unredacted, when they become declassified, you look at what information you have, and you have toask yourself a question:  What national security interest was at stake here? 
Why was this ever redacted? 

The answer is almost always because it embarrassed the agency or it embarrassed a powerful person. That is not the reason to classify information. It's certainly not the reason to keep the truth from theAmerican public. And that's all I have been trying todo, is, I have been trying to reveal the truth.

Another important point to make.


JOHNSON:  You know, I have been accused of peddling Russian disinformation. 

BARTIROMO:  Yes, you have.

JOHNSON:  There's no Russian disinformation in our 87-page report.

The press ought to report on it. And I'm calling onthe press. You were duped. You were leaked false information. You should not protect those sources that leaked you false information. 

It should be your journalistic duty to...


JOHNSON:  ... to basically tell the American people who provided you false information that resulted inthis two- or three-year national nightmare because of the false narratives that you carried theDemocrats' water on. 

BARTIROMO:  That's right. Do your job, media.

Ron Johnson, it's good to see you this morning, sir. Thank you.

JOHNSON:  Have a great day.

BARTIROMO:  Senator Ron Johnson joining us this morning with compelling information. 

Coming up, the author Candace Owens is here onthe growing movement happening in the GOP and the black community. Blacks are speaking out, tipping the scales for President Trump.

Back in a moment. 



TRUMP:  Democrat politicians like Joe Biden have taken black voters for granted. 

They made you big promises before every election. And then the moment they got to Washington, they abandoned you and they sold you out. 

The Democrat Party used you, and they lied to you every single time. You know it better than anybody else knows it. 

The Democrats will always take back the vote. What they want to do is, they will take a vote back. They want to take the black voter for granted, and they have taken the black voter for granted. And it's not fair, it's not right, and it's not going to happen. 


BARTIROMO:  That was President Trump appealing to African-Americans voters during a campaign event in Atlanta on Friday, where he unveiled his second- term plan to promote black economic empowerment through the creation of three million new jobs, 500,000 new businesses for that community. 

Candace Owens is the author of the new book "Blackout." She joins me right now to talk more.

And good morning to you, Candace. Thanks very much being here. 


BARTIROMO:  First, let me get your reaction to what you heard from the president there. 

I feel that there is an increasing voice coming from the African-American community talking about thepresident's policies. Do you believe that to be true? Do you believe that's turning into votes for this president? 

OWENS:  Absolutely.

And I will tell you one thing. Those words that he uttered, black economic empowerment, those are terrifying words to the Democrat Party. They have worked tirelessly over the last six decades to ensure that that never happens. 

What the Democrats want is a black America that is dependent upon government policies, as independent upon welfare, right? This is why they love to push more handouts for black America. 

They do not want to see a black America that's actually empowered. They like black America screaming in the streets, rioting, looting, being pawns to help them get their officials elected, when they do nothing to serve black communities. 

President Trump is doing the exact opposite. And it's problematic. Black Americans are seeing, you guys told us that, if Trump got elected, this was going tobe the end of black America. This meant that we were all going to be slaves again.

Do you remember that rhetoric they were using, Maria, back in 2016? 

Well, it turns out it's the exact opposite. Black Americans are becoming independent, are stepping inside of the American dream, the American dream that has been promised to them for decades of allegiance the Democrat Party, but is now being delivered to them by President Donald J. Trump. 

BARTIROMO:  And how is he delivering that, Candace? What policies do you feel are most resonating? 

OWENS:  I want to say, first and foremost -- and it never got the attention it should have gotten -- his criminal justice reform package, which basically did years of unjustice that was done to the black community by Democrat policies.

Now you're seeing that he's saying, look, I'm going to inject money directly into black communities toincentivize black business owners to actually start their own businesses, right? 

That is what we need if we want to see a stronger black America. And I also want to be clear. Trumpisn't just doing this for black America. Trump is not aperson that sees race. He's doing this for all of America and is realizing that there's one portion ofAmerica, black Americans, that have been stuck inside of Democrat lies, Democrat deceit, Democrat politicians, that do not want us to get ahead because we are their favored oppressed horse to bet on every election cycle. 

What the Democrats want is, they want -- is, they want black Americans to be permanently oppressed. They love us to be a permanent underclass, because it secures them votes every four years.

And things are changing. 


OWENS:  The polls are showing that black Americans are turning to Donald J. 
Trump for solutions. 

BARTIROMO:  All right, stay with us, Candace. I want to ask you about the pushback, for example, Michael Bloomberg and his moves in Florida.

Stay with us. 

I'm talking with Candace Owens this morning. She's out with a new book. And her commentary continues.

We will be right back. 


BARTIROMO:  Welcome back. 

I'm back with author Candace Owens.

And, Candace, on Friday, Kamala Harris made aspeech about Black Lives Matter. She said Black Lives Matter was brilliant and essential. 

Also, on the Democrats' side, Michael Bloomberg said he's going to spend
$100 million to defeat Donald Trump in Florida. He's also paying for ex- cons to be able to vote. 

Your reaction to all? 

OWENS:  Kamala Harris, I think it's brilliant, because she's completely misreading and misdiagnosing America right now.

The polls are showing that support is dropping forBlack Lives Matter because people are realizing that this is not a movement that is based on trying toempower black people. In fact, it's a movement that is being backed by corporate sponsors, wealthy white elitist liberals, who are using black Americans and the faces of dead black Americans to further their political purposes and burn down America.

So, keep speaking like that, Kamala Harris. More people will walk to the side of Donald Trump. 

Michael Bloomberg should be prosecuted for this. He should be in prison. 
Everyone is talking about election fraud, election interference. God forbid I write my opinion onFacebook, and it's taken down and fact-checked. 

You have a man who has actively said that he's going to do everything in his power to take -- tomake sure that Donald Trump is not secured another win in November. And what do we have him doing? He's literally putting money in the hands of people to ensure that they vote. 

And don't pretend he's doing this to empower felons. He's had wealth forever. If he wanted toempower felons, he would have a long, steep record of wanting to make sure that felons are helped transitioning from the jailhouse, which Donald Trump has done with his criminal justice incentives, reform incentives.


OWENS:  Bloomberg, the exact opposite. He -- inmy opinion, he should -- this is a criminal act, and this is a -- he should be completely prosecuted tothe full extent of the law because of this. 

BARTIROMO:  Candace, one thing I can't believe is how they're against school choice. You would think everybody wants school choice, and yet they are against it.

Candace Owens, it's wonderful to have you.

That will be for another conversation. We will see you soon.

I will see everybody tomorrow on FOX Business. But you can catch this show...

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